Monday, August 3, 2009


by Angie Best-Boss
L&L Dreamspell
ISBN: 9781603180825

Production coordinator Brynne Sanderlin needs a man. Not for herself, although that would be nice, but for her boss, producer Stephen Long. Long’s TV program, Your One and Only, a reality show pitting a bachelor against ten single women, has had three disastrous seasons without one proposal. Long’s pushing hard for a happy outcome, meaning engagement, and Brynne needs a winner if she wants to move up in the production industry. She meets Colin Walker, a high school Social Studies teacher, at a coffee shop and decides this sexy, personable man would be the perfect bachelor. It takes some persuasion, but Brynne manages to get Colin to agree, and off they fly to Ocracoke Island, NC for filming. But Brynne has a dilemma on her hands: she’s attracted to Colin and wouldn’t mind having him for her own, but if he doesn’t pick a potential bride, her career’s down the tubes.

Angie Best-Boss has penned a charming, fun-filled romance offering endearing characters and laugh-out-loud scenarios. The chemistry between Brynne and Colin sparkles amidst an engaging plot that readers will enjoy to the fullest. Ms. Best-Boss raises the bar for romance writers with this well-written, entertaining story, which moves at a fast pace and is one that readers will be reluctant to put aside.

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