Monday, August 3, 2009


by Cindy Davis
L&L Dreamspell

ER nurse Angie Deacon thinks a fishing trip on her husband’s birthday might help ease the tension between them. Will has been acting strange and Angie can’t figure out what’s going on with him. In the middle of the trip, the boat’s captain, Nolan Little, is found dead, a filet knife through his chest. Detective Colby Jarvis initially thinks this will be an easy solve; other than Nolan and his wife Valerie, there were only five passengers on the boat. But Jarvis can find nothing linking any of the passengers to Little or his murder. Angie, feeling sorry for Valerie, befriends her and the two women decide to investigate the murder on their own, uncovering deadly secrets of the other passengers, some of whom will kill to keep them.

Davis takes what looks to be a simple murder mystery and adds enough twists and turns to produce a real whodunit readers will be challenged to figure out. Characters are solidly developed and dimensional, the plot fast-paced and peppered with suspense.

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