Monday, August 3, 2009


by Susan Whitfield
L&L Dreamspell
ISBN: 9781603180948

SBI agent Logan Hunter is called back from personal leave to investigate a brutal murder along the banks of the Black River in Ivanhoe, North Carolina, where animal rights activist Clara Banoak is found hanging from her chandelier, gutted like a deer. Logan quickly learns that Banoak was outspoken in her views against harming animals and had more enemies than friends in this hunter-infested area. Due to an outbreak of the flu, Logan is initially on her own as she investigates the murder, developing a long list of suspects. When she gets too close, Logan is assaulted and left to die in Hell Swamp. More determined than ever, she doggedly pursues her case, uncovering other heinous crimes, with danger lurking around every corner.

Hell Swamp, book number three in the Logan Hunter Mystery series, is an intriguing thriller. Logan Hunter is an interesting character: a woman with backbone who does not let the threat of peril get in her way; an investigator committed to her case who will not stop until it’s closed. Whitfield adds a nice touch of romance with Logan’s lover, fellow SBI agent Chase Riley. The plot moves at a fast pace with an abundance of suspense and suspects, offering a mystery readers will be challenged to solve.

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