Monday, August 3, 2009


by Mark H. Phillips
ISBN: 9781440109539

Steve Marks may be a brilliant physicist but his reputation is in the gutter due to past unethical behavior. Marks lands a job with a group of paranormal investigators tracking and destroying entities from another dimension they call “demons” who feed off human terror. With the help of his team, Marks devises a way to kill the demons, which backfires to the point of taking out prominent humans associated with these entities. The team is taken hostage by the U.S. military and forced to help find a way to cross dimensions and destroy the demons. Aware that demons have strong allies in governmental positions, the team doesn’t know who to trust and ultimately become involved in warfare with humans and demons.

Phillips’ concept is a bit complex but he is adept at delivering the story in such a way most readers will have no problem understanding the basic mechanics of quantum physics and the theory of dimensional worlds. The plot moves quickly and is filled with action, suspense and deception. Primary characters are well-developed and an integral part of the story. The premise is thrilling and readers will be so intrigued with this well-written sci-fi they will be reluctant to put the book aside once it’s finished.

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