Monday, October 5, 2009


by Edie Hand with Jeffery Addison
Parkway Publishers Inc.
ISBN: 9781932251677

Diana Meade is a busy career woman who spends the majority of her time working. Divorced from her husband, away fighting in Iraq, she has sole responsibility of their son. When Diana’s car breaks down at a busy intersection, she is frustrated beyond measure but something compels her to cross the street to a veteran’s cemetery. There, she sits on a bench to cool off and notices an elderly woman who seems to come from nowhere. The older woman tells Diana she is an angel and begins to relay a story about a young soldier during World War II, a man with great promise who went off to war and returned injured and cynical. The woman tells part of the story, followed by another angel, an older man, who relays the rest of the soldier’s inspiring tale, and a third angel, a young soldier, who delivers his own saga. Diana, irritated at first by their intrusion, becomes fascinated and slowly begins to understand what compels soldiers, including her ex-husband, to go to war and the great sacrifices they make in doing so.

This novella, written as a salute to all veterans and their sacrifices, as well as those they leave behind, is insightful, inspirational and heartwarming, and it is hoped will reach denizens of countries across the world dealing with war and strife. The messages it delivers about faith and love and redemption are poignant and powerful and so very important. Readers will shed tears over the soldiers’ sacrifices, rejoice at their deliverance, and appreciate what motivates these glorious heroes to serve their countries.

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