Monday, October 5, 2009

THE LIFE PLAN by Sybil Baker

by Sybil Baker
Casperian Books
PO Box 161026
Sacramento, CA 95816-1026
ISBN: 9781934081167

Patent attorney Kat Miller has had a life plan since college and means to stick to it. So far, she’s gotten the husband and satisfying career and next on the list is a house and kids. But her husband Dan, unemployed and lackadaisical about finding a job, has other plans. Dan enrolls in a massage therapy course in Thailand and tells Kat she can come or not; either way, he’s going. Kat, suspecting Dan’s interest in Thailand has to do with a beautiful yoga mate from that country, decides to accompany her husband just in case. Once they arrive in Thailand, Dan changes from loving husband to irritable spouse and decides to pursue his enlightened course which translates to “share the love”. Kat wallows in misery for awhile then decides since she’s in an exotic country, she might as well enjoy it. Through friends she meets, she travels the countryside, visiting Buddhist ruins and spending time in a jungle village, and along the way rediscovers herself. By the time Kat’s vacation is over, she has a big decision to make: continue on with the life plan or simply let life happen.

Sybil Baker pens a hilarious peek at one woman’s journey as she discovers more about herself than she thinks possible. Kat Miller is an engaging character, a woman with insecurities and idiosyncrasies who initially seems frail and vulnerable but shows a propensity to roll with the punches and come out ahead. Secondary characters are well-developed and add zest to this thoroughly entertaining book.

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