Monday, October 5, 2009


by Ian Vasquez
St. Martin’s/Minotaur Books
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
ISBN: 9780312378103

Leo Valera works the night shift on a psychiatric ward but his real passion is poetry. Leo’s brother Patrick is commissioner for Miami-Dade County with plans to run for mayor in the upcoming election. The two brothers are polar opposites: Leo is lackadaisical and prefers to spend time smoking pot and composing poems while Patrick is aggressive and ambitious and will do anything to accomplish his goals. Leo’s girlfriend is pregnant and he knows he needs to do something more with his life but isn’t motivated. Patrick, married to Leo’s former girlfriend, is as content as Leo to keep their relationship at a distance. Both brothers share one thing in common: escaping the vile secrets from their past which will undo them if revealed. When Freddie Robinson, a friend from their childhood, shows up where Leo works and tries to coerce Leo into releasing one of the patients, Leo reaches out to his brother for help, not realizing this is the first step for the two brothers in a sequence of events leading them back to their past and the demons they have tried to elude.

Ian Vasquez writes with an interesting style, drawing the reader in with his flowing cadence wrapped around a fast-paced plot filled with mystery and suspense. Character development is superb. Leo, the quintessential underachiever, is forced to take a serious look at his life and choose whether to remain uninvolved or become the man he should have been. Patrick’s true character is revealed when he is confronted with having to decide what matters most: family or career. Dialogue stands out, especially with the secondary characters, who add an extra dimension to this engaging thriller.

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Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

This sounds like a thriller I might enjoy! Great review, Christy.