Saturday, May 2, 2009

RUNNING FROM THE DEVIL by Jamie Freveletti

by Jamie Freveletti
William Morrow/Harper Collins
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022
ISBN: 9780061684227
Hardback, 320 pages, $24.99

Biochemist, ultramarathon runner Emma Caldridge is returning to Colombia when her plane is hijacked and crash lands outside of Bogota. Emma is thrown from the plane and, hidden, watches in horror as guerrillas take the surviving passengers captives. Emma manages to text a cell phone message to her boss, relaying what has happened, and follows the guerillas, hoping her message got through and a rescue team is on the way. The Department of Defense, made aware of the downed plane, turns to Edward Banner and his specialized forces for help in what looks to be a kidnap-for-ransom scheme by the guerrillas, not knowing that Emma is the real reason behind the hijacking. Emma utilizes her skills as a chemist to survive while being pursued by men intent on capturing her for her knowledge and the secret, deadly weapon in her possession.

Emma Caldridge is the quintessential female action hero. She’s smart, athletic, and tough mentally and physically. Her knowledge of plants and skills as a chemist enhance this debut thriller, which is filled with action and suspense. Freveletti weaves into the story the complex political situation between Washington DC and the Colombian government, and gives the reader a better understanding of the Colombian drug cartels and FARC, Colombia’s infamous paramilitary organization known for its kidnapping attempts. An excellent debut novel.

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