Saturday, May 2, 2009


by Betty Gordon
L&L Dreamspell
ISBN: 9781603180887
Softback, 260 pages, $16.95
Genre: Mystery

Private Investigator Lisa Martin, weary of tracking philandering spouses in acrimonious divorce cases, is intrigued when businessman Don Sekoli hires her to find his missing drinking buddy, importer/exporter Ryan Lucas. The only information Sekoli can give her is a cell phone number and the name of Lucas’s girlfriend. Aided by her partner Guy Roberts and her quasi boyfriend, news journalist Tony Miller, Lisa’s investigation leads the team to Cairo and on to London, straight into a case being conducted by Scotland Yard. While Tony’s busy trying to garner information from Scotland Yard, Lisa finds herself falling for her client. As the investigation unfolds, Lisa is threatened and her offices ransacked while Tony’s being tailed in London. Then Sekoli disappears.

Lisa Martin is a refreshing character; a young woman with a strong personality who has confidence in her abilities to defend herself and others. Her pairing with her partner is ideal and her uncertainty regarding her feelings for her boyfriend realistic and identifiable. This international thriller delivers plenty of suspense wrapped around a mystery readers will be hard-put to solve on their own but will enjoy trying to figure out. Gordon’s skill at flavoring the read with international history and geographical detail is a bonus, as is the spicy chemistry between Lisa and Sekoli, which combine to deliver an exciting, thrilling read.

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