Saturday, May 2, 2009


by Lee Child
G.P. Putnam’s Sons
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
ISBN: 0399147268
Hardback, 354 pages, $24.95
Genre: Thriller

Jack Reacher travels the country with the clothes on his back and a folding toothbrush in his pocket. Hitchhiking through Texas, he’s picked up by Carmen Greer, a beautiful Hispanic woman. Although Carmen’s husband Sloop Greer is from a rich family, she only has $1.00 in her purse. Her husband’s in prison and Carmen hopes he stays there but Sloop’s worked out a deal with the federal authorities and is expected home. Carmen’s been cruising the streets, looking for someone she can talk into murdering her husband because he physically abused her before he went to prison and she’s afraid he’ll kill her once free. Reacher agrees to go with Carmen to Sloop’s ranch to protect her but tells her he will not commit murder. Just hours after Sloop’s home, he’s found in his bedroom, shot to death by Carmen’s gun. Carmen’s arrested and Reacher teams up with a lawyer from the legal mission to find out who really shot Sloop Greer.

Reacher is one of the best characters written today; a strong man who is comfortable with himself and his own personal scruples. He’s a cultured man with intelligence who lives a nomadic, asocial lifestyle and can be brutal without remorse if he feels it’s deserved. In Echo Burning, there are plots and subplots which Child ties together nicely, providing a boatload of suspense along the way.

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