Saturday, May 2, 2009


by Monya Clayton
Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 9781601543455
Tradeback, 220 pages, $11.99
Genre: Romance

Embittered since his divorce, entrepreneur/property developer Paul McIvor hides his emotions behind a cold exterior. But when he meets Cathy Brown, the environmentalist leading a protest against his latest project, Paul has to work hard to hide his attraction to her. Cathy, a blunt, modern woman, sees through his ruse and challenges him, something Paul is not used to and does not appreciate. Circumstances keep throwing the two of them together, which ultimately lead to fiery clashes between them. Can an old-fashioned, traditional man and a brash, contemporary woman develop an enduring relationship? A disastrous accident holds the answer for both.

Set in Australia, Blueprint for Love offers the reader everything they could want: heartwarming romance, handwringing suspense, a bit of a mystery, and two very likeable characters who are complete opposites embroiled in conflict. Clayton’s character development is excellent as is her propensity for visual imagery. Her gentle message regarding the environment is certainly appreciated in this charming romance.

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