Thursday, September 2, 2010


by Chester D. Campbell
Night Shadows Press
8987 E. Tanque Verde
Tucson, AZ 85749
ISBN: 9780984604401

Jill and Greg McKenzie, owners of McKenzie Investigations, have been hired by an attorney for a group of Nashville Predators NHL hockey fans to investigate rumors there are efforts to bring an NBA basketball team to Nashville. Greg receives a phone call from a young man from Germany that he has important information about this, but when Greg goes to their meeting place, he finds the young man dead. Greg begins a parallel investigation into this death which ties into what look to be ominous mechanisms of the financiers behind the basketball deal. To make matters worse, he learns a man he put in prison years before has been released and is in the area. When Greg and Jill are almost poisoned and their jeep blown up, they’re not sure whether the culprit is the felon or has connections to the basketball financiers. But they continue onward, more determined than ever to solve these two cases and find the murderer.

This series is cozy mystery’s answer to Dashiell Hammett’s Thin Man series. Greg and Jill McKenzie are a charming couple who complement one another and work well together. Their interactions are heartwarming and refreshing and a nice bonus to the story. The plot moves at a fast pace, offering a mystery readers will be challenged to solve.

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