Thursday, September 2, 2010


An Angie Deacon Mystery
by Cindy Davis
L&L Dreamspell
ISBN: 978-1-60318-299-7

This follow-up to A Little Murder finds former ER nurse Angie Deacon co-owner of a theater and in a relationship with Detective Colby Jarvis. Angie and Jarvis hope to spend a few days relaxing in nearby Weirs, but the constant barking of a dog in the cottage next to theirs proves a deterrent. The dog finally stops barking, to Angie’s relief, but soon after, she finds the body of the dog’s owner, Simon York, on his living room floor. Due to an altercation Angie had with York over the dog, she’s targeted by the investigating detective as a suspect. Angie subsequently has the bad luck to discover the body of York’s ex-wife, Darlene Lonergan, dog breeder and owner of Lonergan Cosmetics. The common denominator between the two murders: Angie. Angie and Jarvis suspect the deaths are related to suspicious goings-on at the local bar, Hair of the Dog. In an effort to clear Angie of the murders, they begin their own investigation while caring for York’s dog, only to find their lives in mortal danger.

This well-written mystery offers plenty of suspects as Davis takes the reader into two diverse worlds: the dog show venue and the cosmetics industry. Angie and Jarvis are unique in that they are portrayed so realistically, each with their own strengths and weaknesses; a couple trying to work out the kinks of their relationship. The mystery will challenge readers as they follow the clues and filter through suspicious characters and circumstances. Dog lovers will appreciate the presence of Guinness, an Irish Setter, along with a nice dose of information concerning dog shows and breeding.

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