Thursday, September 2, 2010


by Cindy Sample
L&L Dreamspell
ISBN: 9781603182485

Laurel McKay, a recently divorced soccer mom who works as a mortgage loan underwriter, signs up for a six-month membership with a dating service called The Love Club. Her first date ends abruptly after she breaks her date’s nose when he gets too frisky. Laurel’s ready to give it up but can’t justify losing her money, so decides to try once more. But before that occurs, she finds herself the number one suspect when her first date’s body is found in his car with his head bashed in. If that isn’t bad enough, Laurel’s definitely feeling something for the hot detective investigating the case but can’t tell if the heated looks he’s sending her are reciprocal or skeptical. When her second date dies during their dinner together, the police have a large target painted on Laurel’s back, which sends her into panic mode. Before they come for her with handcuffs, Laurel, along with her mother and a couple of friends, decide to do some amateur sleuthing, leading them down a hazardous road filled with danger.

Dying for a Date is packed with zany characters, humorous situations, and laugh-out-loud narrative. Laurel McKay is amusing, her antics entertaining, and her interactions with her family and friends bring smiles as well as nods of recognition. There are several standout characters but this reviewer’s favorite is Laurel’s mother. The relationship Laurel has with her mom, who is a bit jaded and critical, is not only realistic but hilarious. The sizzling chemistry between Laurel and Detective Hunter adds a nice touch to this comedic mystery. Consider reading this book in one setting, because once you start, you will be reluctant to put it aside.

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