Thursday, June 3, 2010


by Lin Stepp
Canterbury House Publishing Ltd.
225 Ira Harmn Rd.
Vilas, NC 28692
ISBN: 9780982539613

Jenna Howell grew up under the dominion of a controlling mother only to marry a man of the same mindset. Both her mother and husband are verbally abusive and make light of Jenna’s artistic talent, whittling away at Jenna’s self-confidence and enjoyment of life. Reality hits hard when Jenna catches her husband in the arms of another woman. Jenna decides to take a break from her marriage at the mountain cabin of a friend in the picturesque town of Townsend, TN. There, Jenna meets local artist Boyce Hart. Although the two are attracted to one another, Jenna is still married and feels she is too vulnerable to begin a relationship. Boyce becomes a good friend to Jenna and through his kindness, respect and deep faith shows her there can be a better life for her, if she is strong enough to leave her past behind.

Book two in Lin Stepp’s Smoky Mountain series is a sweet love story filled with engaging characters set against the beautiful background of the Smoky Mountains. Although the plot is not a new one, this inspiring story focuses on family values, deep faith and a woman’s journey of self-discovery as she begins to believe in her own worth while seeking to become a stronger person.

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