Monday, May 3, 2010


by Linda Houle
Wisdom Trends
Spring, Texas
ISBN: 9781603188036 (Ebook)
ISBN: 9781603188029 (Print)
Who better to offer a guide to publishing than someone who, after extensively researching the field, has actually entered the fray? Linda Houle, co-owner of L&L Dreamspell Publishing Company, has written an informative, easy-to-understand handbook about book publishing and the choices available to authors. Respecting the direction a writer takes with regard to publishing their book lies with the writer, Houle presents the facts about the publishing industry and its evolving changes in a clear, concise manner without sugarcoating or denigration.

Houle explains the different publishing options now available to authors and clarifies diverse modes of publishing, such as offset printing; POD, or print-on-demand; and ebooks, or electronic books. Explaining the pros and cons with each one, she takes the reader on a publishing journey with a hypothetical author who uses each of the publishing methods, including traditionally published with a large press, traditionally published with a small or indie press, subsidy published, and self or author published.

A step-by-step checklist for authors who wish to self-publish print and/or ebooks is included. Tips on promoting are offered, as well as red flags to be aware of concerning publishers and agents who are not the real deal. She offers an informative Q&A section, glossary explaining publishing lingo, and extensive list of resources for authors at the end of the book.

Without a doubt, this highly recommended handbook should be a major resource for writers across the board, from those thinking about publishing to those who have established themselves as authors.

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