Friday, October 5, 2012

SIN CREEK by Susan Whitfield

SBI agent Logan Hunter is called away from her bridal shower to a crime scene where the mutilated body of a UNC Wilmington coed has been discovered. It doesn’t take Logan long to learn this young college student had a sordid past tied to pornographers who travel around in vans offering young girls money to be photographed in the nude and holding parties on an elusive ferry featuring drugs and kinky sex. When another young girl’s body is found in a dumpster, Logan teams up with an undercover agent who goes by the nickname Crack. Although Crack rubs Logan the wrong way, they make headway in the case, going undercover and trying to infiltrate the pornography ring. In the interim, Logan marries her fiancĂ© Chase but the two never seem to find time together as Chase is dealing with a death in his family and Logan’s busy with the investigation. When Logan and Crack take drastic measures to catch the pornographer they believe to be the murderer, their plan goes awry and Logan finds herself in mortal danger with no one to help her. #4 in the Logan Hunter series by Susan Whitfield deals with a troubling issue: college students indulging in pornography to pay for their tuition. Whitfield has obviously done her homework and portrays this gritty, grimy world in all its gruesome reality. Logan is an engaging character, a strong woman with a confident attitude. This well-done mystery moves at a quick pace with enough action and suspense to keep readers quickly turning pages. The unexpected ending is somewhat of a shock although ensures avid interest in the next book in this series.

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