Thursday, September 8, 2011


by Betty Dravis and Chase Von
Von Chase Publishing
ISBN: 978-0982346471

The authors’ motto is: “Only those who stretch to reach their dreams find themselves living them.” Very profound and borne out by this second installment of the Dream Reachers books by Betty Dravis and Chase Von. Encased within are fascinating interviews with 33 celebrities across a vast range of public personalities, including actors, musicians, authors, a psychic, female boxer, singers, artists, entrepreneurs, and many others. Some have reached their dreams and others are well on their way, but a peek into their personal philosophies and the stories behind their dreams is intriguing and so inspiring to those of us who are still on that road to our own personal dreams.

Dravis and Von do a great service to us dreamers by sharing these inspiring stories of hard work and determination driven by a positive and persevering attitude. This is one book to be placed nearby instead of on a bookshelf for constant motivation or simply to be uplifted by the optimistic words and wise outlooks of other dreamers.

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