Tuesday, November 2, 2010


by W. Bruce Cameron
75 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
ISBN: 9780765326263

Toby, a mixed-breed pup, lives a feral life with his mother, brothers and sister until they are rescued by a woman who takes care of abandoned dogs. When she’s forced to shut her rescue down, Toby, suffering an injury, is euthanized. He’s reborn as Bailey, a golden retriever who finds a happy home with a young boy and lives a full life sharing adventures with the boy. When he dies, he reincarnates as Ellie, a female German shepherd trained as a search and rescue dog. Toby’s next reincarnation is as Buddy, a black Lab. In this lifetime, Toby/Buddy realizes each life he lived has brought him to this one and understands his true purpose as a dog.

This wonderful book is joyously heartwarming, humorous, and at times sad, so keep tissues nearby. Told from a dog’s perspective, A Dog’s Purpose illustrates the love and affection dogs have for their human companions and the lengths they will go to to protect and serve. As a dog lover and rescue worker, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Those who have dogs will find themselves left with a deeper understanding of their dog’s behavior and mindset and hopefully those who don’t will understand how a dog can positively impact their life and decide to rescue a dog and save a life. Absolutely one of the best dog books out there.

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