Sunday, August 1, 2010


by L. Stewart Hearl
L&L Dreamspell
Spring, TX
ISBN: 978163181129

As a youngster, Hamilton Swoop apprenticed under Master Wizard Obsidian. At 20, subsequent to Obsidian’s death, Hamilton returned home after being stripped of his magic by the Wizards Guild. Forty years later, he owns his own antiques business and lives a paltry life with a cat as his only companion. But his life changes when he unpacks a trunk purchased at an estate sale containing a mysterious orb, cloak and the bones of Obsidian. Hamilton sets out for Center City where he intends to turn Obsidian’s bones over to the Wizards Guild. Once there, he learns the new Guildmaster of the Guild of Magic Users and Wizards has been waiting for his return, hoping he will destroy a magical dragon wreaking havoc on the city. Hamilton is reluctant to help an organization that turned its back on him, but when he is offered his magic back, he agrees. From that point, he faces extreme danger as he tries to find a way to battle the dragon and a mysterious, very powerful wizard.

Hamilton Swoop is an interesting character, a passive man with powerful magical abilities. The plot moves quickly, with moments of great suspense. The telepathic communications Hamilton shares with his cat lend humor to this intriguing story. Consider this one of those unique books for youngsters and adults alike who enjoy an exciting story filled with magic and suspense.

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