Sunday, April 4, 2010


by Mark Rosendorf
L&L Dreamspell
Friendsville, TX
ISBN: 9781603182126

In this sequel to The Rasner Effect, adolescent Clara Blue is back where she started, as a resident of a mental institution for children, where she, once more, is in constant conflict with the director. After the death of Rick Rasner, member of the Duke Organization and the one who helped Clara escape the psychiatric residence in book one, Clara longs for nothing more than her freedom. When Jennifer Duke appears, posing as a counselor, Clara reluctantly agrees to recruit young people for the Duke Organization, which Jen wants to revitalize. Jake Scarberry, the man responsible for the death of Rick Rasner and the breakup of the Duke Organization, is now living a normal life under the witness protection program. Jake enjoys his life and plans to never return to his former occupation as mercenary. But if Jennifer Duke has her way, Jake may be forced back into a life he wants to leave behind.

The only likable character in this series is Jake Scarberry, and that isn’t constant. However, the lack of likable characters works for this series. Clara Blue at times evokes empathy and one searches for redeeming qualities, but her propensity to kill without plan or intent is unsettling and places her more in the psychotic range than normal. Jennifer Duke, well-portrayed by the author, is evil personified among an array of maniacal, ominous characters, some supposedly on the side of good, others on the side of evil. Rosendorf nicely delivers a couple of unexpected twists which readers will not see coming. This intense, action-packed thriller packs quite a wallop and leaves the reader anxious for the next book.

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