Tuesday, November 3, 2009

FIRST DEGREE by David Rosenfelt

by David Rosenfelt
Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
ISBN: 978-0446555111

Attorney Andy Carpenter has been basking in the notoriety he gained by proving a client on death row innocent while living off the millions he inherited from his father. Andy has been more occupied lately with hanging out with Tara, the “best dog in the universe”, and trying to find a worthy charity to share his money with, and isn’t in too big of a hurry to get back in the courtroom. But when his investigator/lover Laurie Collins is arrested for the brutal death of a policeman she filed an ethics charge against, Andy’s on the case and ready to defend Laurie against a frame-up. But the evidence against Laurie keeps stacking up and Andy is faced with a formidable challenge: how to convince the jury of Laurie’s innocence.

This witty courtroom drama bypasses many of the same genre simply because it’s so much fun to read. Characters are well-developed and especially appealing is Tara, a dog Andy rescues from doggy death row at the animal shelter and to whom Andy is totally committed. There are plenty of legal maneuverings wrapped around a mystery that at times seems unsolvable. Rosenfelt’s first-tense presentation is filled with witty cynicisms amid an intriguing, fast-paced plot.

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