Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A STILL POINT IN TIME by Marsha Briscoe

by Marsha Briscoe
Whiskey Creek Press
P.O Box 51052
Casper, WY 82605-1052
ISBN: 1593742002
Trade paperback, 334 pages, $14.95
Genre: Romance

College professor Laura Bouvoire, 43-years-old and pregnant by in vitro fertilization, is confused by her feelings for Dante Giovanni, a student 12 years her junior. Dante, the product of an abusive childhood, opposes her choice to have an IVF baby, yet cannot deny his love for Laura. When Laura spies an amethyst brooch at an antique store, she is drawn to the jewelry and spontaneously purchases it. From that point on, Laura is besieged by dreams of a woman connected to the brooch and her lover, a famous poet and artist of the 19th century. Laura begins researching the couple and learns the brooch is a gift the poet gave his wife. Dante, in turn, is having dreams of the couple but narrow-mindedly rejects Laura’s theory that she and Dante were the poet and his wife in a past life and are bound by karma. In the past, the couple’s relationship ended tragically, and now, Laura’s and Dante’s love is endangered by a man obsessed with Laura.

Marsha Briscoe has penned a lovely romance here, relaying the tales of two couples, past and present, with strong emotions for one another, yet dealing with their own personal demons which draw them apart. Briscoe peppers the plot with spine-tingling suspense while offering a charming couple readers will empathize with and root for. Character development is excellent, and the story one that will remain with the reader long after the book is finished.

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