Sunday, April 5, 2009


by Mark Rosendorf
L&L Dreamspell
ISBN: 9781603180849
Tradeback, 348 pages $18.95
Genre: Thriller

Two men, one connected to a terrorist group called the Duke Organization and the other hired to obliterate it, survive a bridge explosion while battling one another. Seven years later, Rick Rasner, an unwitting participant in a secret military experiment, has no memory of his life prior to the explosion. Jake Scarberry, living a mundane, unsatisfactory existence under the witness protection program, misses the excitement of his past life. Rick takes a job as a counselor at a children’s psychiatric residence where he connects with one of the patients, 15-year-old Clara Blue, whose volatile temperament keeps her in trouble with the sadistic director. Scarberry resides in a college town, working low-paying jobs and trying to stay out of trouble. Both men, feeling out of place and adrift, are unaware the Duke Organization is about to resurface, which will bring them full circle to their past adversarial positions, each intent on the destruction of the other.

Rosendorf delivers plenty of nail-biting suspense along with chillingly evil characters and a thrilling plot as two opposing forces clash and re-clash in a battle to the death. Is this good versus evil or evil versus evil? The reader will have to make that decision while enjoying a galvanizing psychological suspense.

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