Monday, February 2, 2009


By Denise Robbins
L&L Dreamspell
P.O. Box 1984
Friendswood, TX 77549
ISBN: 9781603180863
Paperback, 308 pages, $18.95
Genre: Romantic suspense

In one day, Ruby Goodman loses her job and finds her fiancĂ© in bed with another woman. Ruby’s philosophy being everything bad happens in threes, she escapes to her family’s vacation home in Key Largo to await the next disaster in her life. There, she runs into her high school sweetheart, Michael Auguston, the man who’s broken her heart twice before and seems intent on doing so again. Michael works for a government agency and is dealing with his partner’s betrayal while gearing up to go after Nicholas LaRue, a Frenchman who hides his illicit involvement in money laundering under the guise of a computer security consulting firm. When Michael learns Ruby, an expert hacker, was mentored by LaRue, he brings her into his investigation. The two head to Hawaii, with the intention of hiring LaRue to consult for Michael’s imaginary business while Ruby breaks into LaRue’s system and tracks his funds. Instead, Michael and Ruby are drawn into danger from a source neither one expects.

It Happens in Threes is packed with scorching romance, nail-biting suspense, and nonstop action. The chemistry between Ruby and Michael sizzles and Robbins gives the reader quite the tease along with a lot of fun as she adroitly brings Michael and Ruby together only to pull them apart through their own misperceptions. The characters are engaging, from the sensual Ruby to hot-tempered Michael to the deliciously evil yet debonair LaRue. The story moves at a fast pace and keeps the reader entertained throughout. Consider this book one rollicking good read.

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Hi Christy!

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