Sunday, March 23, 2008

TILT A WHIRL by Chris Grabenstein

By Chris Grabenstein
Carroll & Graf Publishers
ISBN: 9780786715848
Hardback, 321 pages, $23.95
Genre: Mystery

Danny Boyle, part-time cop for the Sea Haven, New Jersey police department, has been partnered for the summer with John Ceepak, former military policeman in Iraq. Danny is bemused by Ceepak, a man of integrity and principles, who lives by what Danny calls the Code, meaning he does not break the law or bend rules in any way. Reginald Hart, a billionaire businessman, is shot at point blank while talking to his daughter on the Turtle Tilt a Whirl in their small town’s amusement park. Since Danny and Ceepak are first on the scene, their police chief designates Ceepak to head the investigation into Hart’s murder. Hart’s ex-wife is quickly ruled out and the investigators are looking in the direction of Latino gang members. But when a homeless drug addict called Squeegee kidnaps Hart’s daughter and demands ransom, they’re hot on his trail.

Tilt a Whirl is the first in a new series by Chris Grabenstein, and if this is any indication of future stories, the series is sure to be a hit. Written in a witty style, with characters that demand inclusion in future books, this twisting, turning mystery will keep the reader thoroughly entertained.

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