Sunday, February 24, 2008

Review of THE SCENT OF MONEY by Cherri Galbiati

By Cherri Galbiati
L&L Dreampsell
ISBN: 9781603180368
Tradeback, 219 pages, $16.95
Genre: Mystery

Matt and Becca McAllen live in the small town of Spike Texas, where Matt is Chief of Police. When their town’s bank president and his wife are murdered, the only witness is their red German shepherd,Tasha. Becca rescues the dog from a woman who is abusing her and becomes her caretaker. Tasha reminds Becca of a beloved dog she recently lost and Becca is determined to keep her, despite the fact that the bank president’s wife’s brother may stand to inherit her belongings. Matt senses that Tasha can lead them to the murderer, but the murderer quickly targets Becca and Tasha, and Matt is beside himself trying to keep them safe while tracking the killer.

This is an intriguing mystery, filled with twists and turns that will keep the reader guessing throughout. Galbiati’s small-town descriptive draws the reader into the story with a sense of actually being there. Becca has a feisty nature and is a delightful character, a woman who has no problem standing up for herself and who loves her husband very much. The relationship between Matt and Becca is at the center of the story and offers a sweet touch against the dark premise of murder. Tasha, the German shepherd, is an added bonus among a cast of lovable characters. The Scent of Money easily meets the criteria for a guaranteed good read: engaging characters, realistic dialogue, a galvanizing plot, and action-packed suspense.

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